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Our purpose

To connect and support a select group of owners and managers of wealth creating businesses with turnover greater than £1m such that we can grow our businesses while forming a core of excellence in the business community. We work together to...

  • Share problems and discuss business challenges.
  • Provide a network of senior contacts at a local, regional and national level within government, policy units and the business community.
  • Syndicate investment and mentor growing companies.
  • Provide advice and access to contacts to assist with growth investment and mentoring.
  • Build a highly-respected business ‘think tank’ resource that will provide strategic business leadership at a local, regional and national level.

…and finally, enjoy occasional high quality events, venues and inspirational speakers!

Membership of the group is by invitation only and at the absolute discretion of the local steering group.

Wealth creators are those directors, shareholders and/or their companies that are not mostly suppliers of services to UK businesses, and typically export to a greater or lesser extent.


Hear of future events, and snippets from ones that pass by