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The Gulf - the Practicalities

The Gulf - the Practicalities

Do you know the difference between Freezone and Landside?

- Where’s the best place for you to start your business in the Gulf?

- Local partners – what does that mean, how to find one?

- Different territory demographics in the Gulf and the effect on business, regulation and employment?

Biz Utd is pleased to be hosting a Gulf breakfast event on Friday 1st November with guest speaker Ayman Al Awadhi, Managing Director of the Corporate Group headquartered in Dubai and Chris Craggs, CEO of MCFT, a manpower business in the UK who, since their debut in the region in 2015, have opened five locations. If you have ambitions in the Gulf, or want to know whether you should have – this is the opportunity to hear, question and seek blunt opinions from people actively involved with people and resources on the ground.

Places are limited for this breakfast event from 08:00 until 09:30, so reserve your place early. Price:£35.00 contribution to costs please.

Ayman Al Awadhi, the Corporate Group, Dubai

Established in 2007 to facilitate the entry and ongoing activity of commercial enterprises in the Gulf and, particularly Dubai, the Corporate Group offer a range of services from market analysis through incubator, fully-serviced office facilities to equity investment & lending. Ayman has a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Colorado in Denver, has worked for HRH the Ruler’s Court in Dubai – and has extensive experience of helping UK firms establish, guiding them through a different world and very different processes.

Chris Craggs, CEO and George Roberts-Smith, Regional Director, McFarlane Telfer (‘MCFT') – Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

Growing rapidly, from small beginnings in the UK during the early years of the decade, Chris and his senior team ventured to Dubai in 2014 to gauge opportunities. Since signing up with Ayman in October 2014 and securing their trade licence in January 2015, MCFT have established technical teams in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Riyadh and Jeddah. The experience has been both challenging and rewarding.

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